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Cpanel Hangs on Update

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Reason for hang up : RPM database could be corrupted, it needs to be rebuild and run upcp again

Procedure1. Login to CLI via SSH
2. Kill any /scripts/upcp process or yum or up2date
killall upcp
killall yum
killall up2date
3. you can try getting the PID also by doing this
ps -wef |grep yum
ps -wef |grep upcp
ps -wef |grep up2date
4. Execute a force kill command through kill -9
5. Once everything is killed , go to /var/lib/rpm
6. Execute rm -f __* , this is the rpm database that it builds when cpanel updates
7. Run rpm –rebuilddb
8. Re-run /scripts/upcp –force (–force switch forces cpanel update even if it is up to date)
9. Constantly check for Changelogs


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May 26, 2009 at 1:11 pm

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