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First Ubuntu MID Released

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The Ubuntu development team has released the first version of its Mobile Internet Device (MID) operating system as a developer’s release. Ubuntu 8.04 MID is based on the Ubuntu desktop edition but is built by the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded community. The MID release is targeted at mobile handsets with limited screen real estate and, in most cases, touch-screen interfaces.Ubuntu MID has a number of reworked applications designed for better use on smaller screens. Among these is the specially-designed MID browser built on the Gecko engine that underpins the Firefox browser. The browser is designed to maximise the window space available on smaller devices as well as including zoom features to make it easier for users.

MID also has the standard essential applications for mobile workers including those for email, calendaring, document reading, contacts and a media player.

Ubuntu MID is available for both Intel’s McCaslin platform used by Samsung’s Q1U and Intel’s Atom processor, also known as Menlow. For users wanting to just try out the platform there is also a KVM (kernel-based virtual machine) edition available as well.

The development team used primarily the Samsung Q1U platform during development while it waited for the Atom platform to become more widely available.

Ubuntu MID will start to follow the normal Ubuntu 6 monthly release cycle with the next version at 8.10.

Ubuntu MID is open source software and can be downloaded from Ubuntu.

– tectonic

ubuntum2po4 First Ubuntu MID Released

“We are delighted to be able to welcome Ubuntu Mobile Internet Device (MID) Edition 8.04 to the world as a full developers’ release. It is based on the Ubuntu Desktop Edition, and it is now available for download.  The Ubuntu MID Edition 8.04 has been built by the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded community that is sponsored by Canonical and in co-operation with Intel community to take advantage of the Intel(R) Atom Processor, the chipset that is underpinning the Mobile Internet Device (MID) category.  Ubuntu MID Edition will always be an Open Source distribution and is freely available.”

Here is a list of applications appearing in the main menu:

  • Pidgin 2.3.1 (client for several chat protocols)
  • GPE File manager 0.2.5
  • MidBrowser 0.3.0RC1 (similar to Firefox 3.0, web browser)
  • Pimlico Tasks 0.1.3, Dates 0.4.6, Contacts 0.8 (personal organizer)
  • Cheese (taking photos)
  • Moblin Media 0.55-0ubuntu2 (music, photos, videos)
  • Claws Mail 3.3.1
  • Terminal Server Client 0.150 (frontend for rdesktop, vncviewer, wfica, xnest)
  • Neverball
  • Ekiga 2.0.12 (Voice over IP)
  • FBReader (E-book reader)
  • Foobillard
  • Update Manager
  • Neverputt
  • Office Document Reader (converts MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint files to PDF files for Evince)
  • Terminal (uxterm, bash)
  • Frozen Bubble (game)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Galculator 1.3.1
  • Mousepad 0.2.13 (simple text editor)
  • Liferea 1.4.14 (RSS, … feed reader)

Probably the easiest way experience Ubuntu MID Edition is through the KVM image. This a great way to become familiar with the product in readiness for the hardware to be released in the near future by a range of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in most markets.


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